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Key Features
  • Checkbox
  • Comply with GDPR
  • Date and Time
  • 3 Different Layouts
  • Customizable Texts
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What do ShopTerms do?

Agree to your terms conditions

  • It creates a space basically a checkbox to make the customers accept your store's terms and conditions before making a purchase from the store.
  • It is mandatory to enable the checkbox. It is not possible to proceed and gives a warning message if the checkbox is not enabled.

Why the Terms and conditions checkbox ?

Customers will agree to your terms and conditions

  • With this checkbox feature, your customers get to know and understand your company policies before making any purchase from your store.It also avoids issues related to terms, shipping and other policies.
  • Make your customers align with your company policies and terms of your store. you can comply with the government regulations and be secure.
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Multiple Layouts

It supports multiple layouts and you can opt from any of three different layouts.

Customizable Texts

You can customize the checkbox style and text as per your theme.


You can activate/deactivate the checkbox at any time from the settings tab.

Multiple Languages

Our app supports multiple languages to the text. Customers can see the text and messages in their language.

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